Monday, February 14, 2011

::a letter to someone::

i want you in my life so much more than anyone else,
i want us to be together, together forever,
i want to be loved for who i am not for who you want me to be,
i want your love, no one else's,
i want to feel your touch, sift in gentle like no other,
i want to hear your voice, so calming in fear free,
i want you to say you love me more than anything,
i want to walk with you, hand i hand,
i want your arms around me, so i feel safe in protected,
i want you to hold me, just cause you can,
i want you to hold me even more, when i cry,
i want your arms around my waist, so they know that i'm yours,
i want you to be there, when i need you the most,
i want you to love me, for whats on the inside not the out,
i want you to tell the truth, no matter how much it hurts,
i want you to say sorry when you do something wrong,
i want to be with you, just you and me,
i want your hand to touch my face, to dry up my tears,
i want you to hold me just because you love me...

with love,

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